Great Gifts for Mom

Spring is the perfect gardening season and as Mother’s Day approaches right at the height of spring, why not celebrate Mom with a gardening gift? The garden center is packed with great gifts for Mom that are ideal for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion to tell Mom just how much she means and how appreciated she is.

Garden Center Gifts for Mom

Many gift ideas can come from the garden center. When choosing the best gift for Mom, consider her preferences, needs, and favorites to find a gift that suits her gardening style. The most popular gift ideas include…

  • Tools – Help Mom make the most of her gardening with all the best tools to get the job done. Smaller hand tools that will be more comfortable in her hand are a great choice or choose ergonomic tools for a more comfortable grip. Is Mom a lefty? Choose left-handed tools that will be more efficient for her to use.
  • Attire – Let Mom show off her gardening style with practical attire to wear while she gardens. A broad-brimmed hat with a quirky ribbon, a colorful pair of garden gloves, a comfortable pair of clogs, or a sweatshirt for chillier gardening days are all good choices. Opt for Mom’s favorite colors or patterns for an even more thoughtful gift.
  • Signs – Mom has always been welcoming, so why not extend that hospitality into the garden with a welcoming sign? Personalized wooden signs can declare the space as “Mom’s Garden” or can be customized with her name or initials. Fun garden flags are another option to add a greeting to the garden’s entrance.
  • Fairies – Help Mom add a whimsical touch to her garden or containers with fairy accents. Small props such as charming houses, sweet little swings, quirky toadstools, and other decorations can be a fun addition to a garden of any size, from simple containers to a more extensive plot. Garden gnomes can also be a fun choice.
  • Plants – Give Mom something new to grow with a gift of seeds, bulbs, or seedlings. Choose her favorites or splurge on a new exotic variety she’s always wanted to try. If spring hasn’t quite sprung, you can also opt for houseplants or indoor garden options such as herbs to let her enjoy her green thumb even in poor weather.
  • Feeders – Let Mom welcome wildlife into her gardening space with a feeder for feathered guests. Hummingbird feeders are especially popular, as well as oriole feeders. Regular birdseed feeders can also be a great choice for the Mom who welcomes all sorts of visitors and may not mind a bit of spilled seed in her garden.
  • Houses – Another way Mom can welcome wildlife into the garden is by providing suitable homes for guests. Birdhouses, bat houses, bee houses, toad shelters, and butterfly houses are all great options that can not only give Mom joy when she sees new residents move in, but they are beneficial to the garden with pest control and pollination.
  • Totes – If Mom needs a bit of help hauling all her tools, seeds, and other gear around the garden, a tote bag, bucket, or basket can be a convenient and helpful gift. For even more industrious hauling, consider a small wagon, wheelbarrow, or garden cart that you can fill with other surprises and gifts.
  • Stepping Stones – Add a personalized touch to Mom’s garden with a homemade stepping stone that includes the names of children, grandchildren, or pets. Handprint or pawprint kits are other meaningful choices, and the stones can be decorated with colored pebbles, embedded jewels, and other creative accents.
  • Containers – If Mom has trouble containing her excitement for gardening, new containers can help expand her gardening space. Choose colorful pots, stackable gardening systems, hanging pots, or wall containers for more space. If Mom has a bit of trouble getting down to the dirt, an elevated planter can be a perfect gift.
  • Décor – Add a bit of flair to Mom’s garden with a decorative gift such as a gazing ball, whimsical statue, wind chimes, or wind socks. Decorations can even have a practical side if you choose a barometer, rain gauge, plant identification stakes, bird bath, or other gift ideas that bring both beauty and functionality to the garden.
  • Hand Care – Help Mom keep her skin lovely after a day of rough gardening with hand care gifts. Lotions, soaps, and exfoliants are all available and are often infused with beautiful garden scents such as favorite flowers and herbs. Not only will these gifts keep Mom’s skin healthy, but they will remind her of all the joy she takes in gardening.
  • Jewelry – Let Mom show off her passion for gardening with fun garden-themed jewelry such as a charm, pendant, pin, brooch, or earrings in the shape of watering cans, garden tools, or favorite plants and flowers. Mom might wear the jewelry, or jewelry could be attached to a garden tote or hand tools for a bit of bling.

The Best Gift of All

The very best gardening gift you can give Mom is just to appreciate her and her garden. Compliment the beauty of her flowerbeds or the tastiness of her herbs and vegetables, or admire how she manages to bring a plant back from the brink or coax a bigger harvest from a smaller plant. Better still, offer to help in the garden with less enjoyable chores or just spend time with Mom and all she loves about gardening. That time will become a memory you can both enjoy, and will be a gift not just for Mom, but for you as well.

Posted on March 05, 2024 by International Garden Center