Outdoor Décor

You don’t need a design degree or artistic background to add personal flair to your small piece of the great outdoors. No matter what the size of your yard or your budget, it’s easy to create fantastic outdoor décor to make your outdoor living space truly your own.

12 Amazing Options for Outdoor Décor

There are many ways to add personality and pizazz to any porch, deck, patio, or other outdoor space. Popular and flexible options include…

  1. Statuary – A statue or sculpture can be an instant focal point of your outdoor living space. Consider an obelisk or sphere for a modern touch, fairies or gnomes for whimsy, a sundial for a practical piece, or any favorite animal or other design.
  2. Fountains – The gentle splashes and sparkles of water can add an instant sense of peace to your yard, perfect for meditation, covering other ambient noises, or creating a soothing atmosphere. From tabletop designs to wall features to streams and waterfalls, there are many ways to add moving water to your space.
  3. Chimes – Another soothing option to engage your hearing, chimes come in all sizes and tones and offer pleasant tinkling and ringing even with gentle breezes. Choose copper, steel, wood, or painted chimes to match your outdoor décor preferences.
  4. Stepping Stones – Define pathways in your outdoor space with personalized stepping stones. Different stone materials and shapes are available, and you can even opt for mosaics, handprints, initials, or glow-in-the-dark stones for more flair.
  5. Cushions – Give your outdoor space a relaxing vibe with comfortable cushions on furniture, built-in benches, or just piled in cozy spaces for easy lounging. Cushions with a pop of color or bold patterns can also be fun options, and you can find seasonal cushions as well.
  6. Rugs – Define any outdoor living space with a colorful outdoor rug. This can connect furniture to create a gathering space as well as add color and texture to the area. Rugs are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit any décor.
  7. Containers – Fun containers can be practical décor in your outdoor space with different sizes, shapes, and designs. From herb gardens and container veggies to potted plants, fairy gardens, and container ponds, the options are limitless.
  8. Address Numbers – Claim your outdoor space with stylish address numbers in a new font or positioned in a new place, such as painted on a decorative boulder or displayed vertically on a porch column.
  9. Wall Accents – Decorate vertically by choosing outdoor artwork for your walls, such as oversized letters for initials, decorative brackets to hang lights, whimsical barometers, or large leaning welcome signs or seasonal touches.
  10. Paint – Don’t miss power of paint when adding personal flair to any outdoor space. You can paint bold color blocks on a deck, use accent colors on a fence, or opt for a bright door that contrasts with your home color.
  11. Weathervanes – A decorative weathervane can be the crowning glory for your outdoor décor. Classic rooster and other bird designs are always popular, or you can choose weathervanes with mermaids, initials, fish, letters, dragons, dog breeds, or any other accents.
  12. Plants – Your landscaping can add great personality to your outdoor space. Instead of common, everyday plants, choose more exotic options for your flowerbeds and borders, or consider tropical containers or stunning specimens for amazing focal points.

There is no limit to the options for decorating outdoor space. The more you express your style in fun and creative ways, the more you will enjoy your outdoor living space and the more time you’ll spend enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and beauty of nature.

Posted on May 02, 2020 by International Garden Center