Outdoor Dining

An outdoor dining area can be an amazing addition to your home, bringing your family, friends, and guests together to enjoy delicious meals and great company. But how can you design an outdoor dining area to meet your needs in every tasty way?

What Dining Do You Need?

Your favorite meals and special treats are different from everyone else’s, and your outdoor dining area will also be different to suit your needs and make the most of blending outdoor living space with mealtime options.

  • Who will be eating?
    Do you need your dining area to serve solo meals, your immediate family, regular guests, friendly neighbors, or larger groups? You will need enough space and seating to accommodate everyone who might be munching.
  • What food will be served?
    Do you envision a gourmet outdoor kitchen to prepare your fresh garden ingredients, or are you interested in a grill for spectacular summer cookouts? Would you like a built-in bar or a quick outdoor fridge? How about a firepit for hands-on cooking with hot dogs and s’mores?
  • When is mealtime?
    Do you want a cozy outdoor breakfast nook, a way to enjoy lunch on a lounger, or a dinner dining area for full meals? Consider the temperature outdoors and the shade in the dining area as you plan its layout and features.
  • Where will meals be served?
    You want your outdoor dining area to be convenient for serving meals and snacks. This could be adjacent to your home’s kitchen or through an easy access door with safe pathways leading between spaces, or you may want to incorporate cooking and storage right outside.

Designing Your Outdoor Dining Area

Once you have a good vision for your outdoor dining area, you can get to the details of designing the space and bringing your meals outside.

  • Style – You can opt for rustic wood and stone, modern metal and glass, or anything in between.
  • Color – Natural hues blend well with the landscape, or coordinate with your home’s color.
  • Seating – Consider low walls and built-in benches for extra seating, as well as classic chairs.
  • Table – Choose a table large enough for adequate place settings and serving space.
  • Food Prep – A simple counter or bar, outdoor sink, or even a full kitchen setup can be helpful.
  • Cooking – Grills aren’t the only option; you can add an outdoor oven or even a pizza oven.
  • Storage – Incorporate a place to store utensils, extra cushions, furniture covers, and more.
  • Lighting – From chandeliers and café lights to torches, sconces, and more, light it up.
  • Comfort – Consider a fan or fire pit to regulate temperature, or add shade if needed.
  • Décor – Add personal touches and pops of color with cushions, plants, placemats, wall hangings, fun figures, and any other whimsical accents that make you smile to be in this space.

There is no limit on how imaginative you can be in your outdoor dining area. So long as you’ve used thoughtful design to meet your dining needs, you can create a tasty space you’ll always enjoy, and your meals will not only nourish your body, but your spirit and soul as well.

Posted on May 02, 2020 by International Garden Center