Shade-Tolerant Annuals

Annuals are the garden’s showstoppers, with bright, colorful blooms that draw the eye and energize any space. It can be slightly challenging to grow some of the brilliant annuals we cherish in a shady city, however. Popular annuals like zinnias, cosmos, marigolds, and petunias require abundant sunlight to bloom their best, but there are many colorful and exciting annuals that thrive in part shade or even full shade conditions. Whether you are cultivating your garden in a narrow side yard, postage-stamp lot, on a balcony, or in any other shaded space, these top shade-tolerant annuals still create beautiful color.

How Shade-Tolerant Annuals Are Different

It takes great energy for a plant to produce large, colorful blooms, and plants get energy through photosynthesis. In shady areas, plants cannot photosynthesize as effectively. Instead of bigger, brighter flowers, many shade-tolerant plants create fantastic foliage that is vibrant and attractive. Embracing shade-tolerant annuals means not only enjoying annuals for their lovely blooms, but also seeing the beauty in their varied leaf shapes, textures, and colors. These plants are by no means less amazing than their sun-loving cousins, and will certainly stand out in urban gardens, planters, porch pots, and window boxes.

Top 10 Shade-Tolerant Annuals Perfect for Urban Gardens

Many annuals and their cultivars can tolerate different levels of shade. Before choosing annuals for your shaded space, investigate their specific space needs and sunlight requirements to ensure they will thrive. The top shade-tolerant annuals include…

  1. Rex Begonia – Available in many cultivars, rex begonias feature dramatic, large foliage in variegated shades of red, purple, white, and green. These flowers have a continuous bloom cycle, making them a valuable addition to any shady space for ongoing color and splendor.
  2. Tuberose Begonia – With large bell-shaped or rose-like blooms, tuberose begonias are stunning flowers in peach, red, pink, yellow, and other hues. Both upright and cascading varieties are available, allowing you to make the most of limited growing space.
  3. Polka Dot Plant – This bushy foliage plant has a delicate speckled, splashed, or confetti look on its green leaves. The colors range from white and cream to pink and red shades, and this annual is especially attractive as a groundcover or filling the bases of large containers.
  4. Wishbone Flower – Compact and bushy, this flower has trumpet-like blooms with narrow bases. The flowers range from blues and purples to pink and red, giving you plenty of options for bringing color into any small growing space.
  5. Impatiens – The classic shade-tolerant annual, these easy-to-grow flowers come in many sizes and shapes. Carefully note the sunlight and watering requirements of different cultivars, however, because their needs can vary widely and not all of them will thrive in deep shade.
  6. Trailing Snapdragon – Magnificent in a hanging basket or used as a spiller plant in a container or window box, this colorful cultivar of the familiar upright snapdragons features prolific blooms in red, orange, purple, pink, yellow, and salmon shades.
  7. Coleus – The ideal foliage plant, coleus has spear- or heart-shaped leaves that come in a range of unusual colors. From deep emerald to bright lime green, these plants are accented with red, pink, magenta, white, or burgundy, and add stunning color to any shady nook.
  8. Browallia – These rich purple or blue star-shaped flowers add a bold pop of color to darker spaces, and also come in white to add brightness. In addition to being shade-tolerant, browallia is also heat-tolerant, perfect for an urban garden in warmer climates.
  9. Alyssum – This low-growing flower is an ideal groundcover in shady spots, and the small blooms form a soft, delicate blanket that can brighten any dimly lit space. The sweet fragrance of these flowers can also add a luxurious perfume to your city landscaping.
  10. Cineraria – Found in a wide range of colors from white, red, and pink to blue and purple, cineraria is typically considered an annual, but because these blooms produce copious seeds, it may easily self-seed and return the following year with even more welcome blooms.

Caring for Shade-Tolerant Annuals

No matter what annuals you choose for your shady garden, be sure to give them the best care so they will reach their full growth and optimum beauty. Provide your urban garden annuals with the proper fertilizer mix, as well as adequate water for luxuriant growth. Prune and trim plants as needed, and stay alert to safeguard against any possible pests. Take note of the changing light levels in your garden space and adjust your plants accordingly, and you’ll be surprised and pleased at just how colorful and beautiful a shade garden can be.

Posted on May 02, 2020 by International Garden Center